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Success in delivering high quality patient care is rooted in meticulous examination of equipment and a dedication to comprehensive maintenance processes.


Altima's extra effort in identifying and correcting minor problems during maintenance examinations, and in resolving equipment problems immediately protects our customer's valuable time and resources.


Our commitment to consistently maintaining equipment at the highest standards results in equipment that operates at the top end of factory specified performance and reliability, and eliminates or greatly reduces unplanned events that would otherwise impact your productivity and cost of operations.


Altima Offers a Wide Variety of Service Options based on your Needs


We provide effective, reduced risk, and cost competitive offerings because they're based on a combination of our experience and measurable site data including specific equipment type characteristics, condition, performance and reliability history, environment, availability and cost of parts, and many other considerations.


Every Altima offering, including equipment service is begun with a thorough pre-inspection and documented benchmark testing.