Altima has removed millions of dollars in CT and MR equipment for domestic and international customers. Our service is designed to be a comprehensive and well orchestrated event from the day that our engineers arrive on site and inspect your equipment, inventory, remove, rig, and professionally pack for transport.


Your equipment will be handled and transported by persons trained and competent to conduct a professional project and meet any challenges that may arise.


Whether you ship by land or sea your MRI can be transported with a running cold head so that helium loss is kept to a minimum.  Altima will also arrange for cold storage where your equipment will be maintained and monitored.


If you want to dispose of your old equipment, Altima will manage this process.  We can help you dispose of this equipment at a minimal cost and in an environmentally sensitive way.


If you want to dispose of your equipment quickly,

easily, efficiently, and in an eco-sensitive way,

contact an Altima  consultant today.