DOTmed 5 Star Certification 

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You offer 

... single-point multiple vendor solutions and provide your customers with the advantage of single source maintenance, repair, installation, deinstallation, and  turnkey services regardless of manufacturer. 

  Your company is trusted

              to provide the best quality services available for a wide variety of  Siemens CT and MR equipment


    ...and you can trust Altima

... to deliver technical services to your customer with the dedication,experience, and customer care that will protect the reputation you've earned.


We're anxious to serve you and your valued customers!


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Altima: Your key to:

  • expert knowledge and consistent adherence to factory procedures
  • informed, detailed analysis and  recommendations
  • achieving equipment performance and reliability results
  • increasing your footprint in remote areas or when  manpower challenges exist.
  • the piece of mind that comes from having a qualified advocate who is dedicated to your interests
  • increasing your resource network or  knowledge and support for your internal engineering and support staff
  • having  access to an expert Oxford Magnet resource

When we're on the job, we're on your job, protecting your interests, collaborating successfully with your partners, promoting your business, and providing a face to the customer that inspires loyalty to your service brand regardless of equipment manufacturer.


... all that and with reasonable rates!


Altima Diagnostic Imaging Solutions:  Providing professional services for Siemens CT and MRI Scanners.  Altima provides competitive services including installation, deinstallation, cryogen service, mri magnet service, CT service, rigging, and transport for Aquillian, Asteon, Avanto, Concerto, Coolpack6000, Eclipse, Emotion, Espree, Excelart, Harmony, Impact, Impact/Impact Expert, Intera, NT, OMT4000, OMT6000, Opart, OpenC, Open/Viva, OR10, OR105, OR24, OR25, OR35, OR41, OR42, OR70, OR71, Plus4, Polaris, RGD5/100, Sensation, Sonata, Symphony, Symphony/Harmony, Titan, Vantage, Vision, Volume Zoom/Access and many other fine products.  Our engineers are skilled in all aspects of clinical networking service.