What is RF Shielding?


Radio frequency (RF) shielding is required around all MR equipment.


The shielding consists of a thin metal sheet installed in the structure of the room, walls, flooring and ceiling. Shielding is designed to keep various energies out that would otherwise create interference that would degrade the acquired data and therefore the quality of the images.


RF shielding needs to be installed in a continuous fashion, protecting every entrance to the room including doors, frames, windows, and any other apertures that penetrate the room. Planned penetrations, such as those needed for peripheral equipment or power purposes, must be passed through RF filters.


There are some cases where shielding must prevent magnetic energy in the room from extending into other areas as well. This requires an alternate layer of shielding known as Magnetic Shielding (or Passive Magnetic Shielding)that is installed in the vicinity of the MR equipment  This is installed in addition to RF shielding and is apart from "Active Shielding" which is integrated in the MR scanner design itself.


The shielding of equipment is essential to its proper operation and absolutely essential to image quality and along with proper grounding is the foundation on which image quality is built.


From a construction perspective, terrible shielding and grounding takes just as much time as excellent shielding and grounding, the difference is in the amount of care, knowledge, and experience that is applied to the endeavor.


Altima will devote the proper time and resources to investigate, design, implement, and document proper shielding for your room, insuring that the foundation of your image quality is built on "solid ground", and we'll document the process to insure that the integrity of shielding and grounding can be depended on when trouble-shooting any future performance issues that may arise.


Remember, manufacturing drawings take into account the equipment and a generic environment. It is critically important to insure that any site specific issues are recognized and addressed from "day one".


Have confidence in the success of your diagnostic imaging project.


Let Altima manage the details and

eliminate the guesswork!