Rigging and Transport


Rigging and transporting equipment may seem like a simple endeavor, and with the right partners is can be.


Altima inspects and reports on the condition of equipment prior to the start of any de-installation activities to insure that equipment is functional and benchmarked against manufacturer specifications. We insure that all site assets are inventoried and that our customers are properly informed of equipment condition, value, and proper expectations for performance and reliability are formulated.


Altima has vetted and worked with a myriad of riggers over the years. Our reputation and dedication to shielding our customers from the impact of unplanned events and expenses, and our expertise in overseeing rigging and transport operations inspires trust and piece of mind in our customers.


Altima is committed to collaborative, communicative relationships with contractors and essential resources and is prepared to provide professionals on site management that will reduce our customer's administrative and managerial burden along with avoiding setbacks that result from insufficient planning and detail orientation.


Just-in-time shipping and receiving is critical to any CT or MR project. Altima's focus on the choreography of every project task is key to performing to expectation and keeping our prices competitive.


You can expect an on-time, on quality result that protects your investment and limits your financial risk because ..... 


Altima takes the guess work out of

CT and MR Projects

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