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Success in delivering high quality patient care is rooted in meticulous examination of equipment and a dedication to comprehensive maintenance processes.


Altima's extra effort in identifying and correcting minor problems during maintenance examinations, and in resolving equipment problems immediately protects our customer's valuable time and resources.


Our commitment to consistently maintaining equipment at the highest standards results in equipment that operates at the top end of factory specified performance and reliability, and eliminates or greatly reduces unplanned events that would otherwise impact your productivity and cost of operations.




  • and more!

Altima engineers believe in the power of consistent and comprehensive preventative maintenance, and it shows in the performance and reliability of the equipment under our care.

  • We've invested in proper tooling to insure that your imaging equipment is serviced and maintained in accordance with its design specifications and with an eye to maintaining standards.
  • We perform OEM required safety checks and routine maintenance
  • We take preventative maintenance seriously, finding and identifying subtle changes in performance that may result in equipment degradation or failure, and make proactive adjustments or replacements that will extend equipment life and performance. 
  • Altima performs all OEM standard image quality checks and analyses along with evaluating power and environment considerations on each visit
  • We provide routine software maintenance and are skilled in networking connectivity. 
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Altima Offers a Wide Variety of Service Options based on your Needs


We provide effective, reduced risk, and cost competitive offerings based on a combination of our experience and measurable site data including: specific equipment type characteristics, condition, performance and reliability history, environment, availability and cost of parts along with many other considerations.


Altima engineers have been servicing and supporting Siemens MRI and CT equipment longer than most Siemens field engineers, having held both technical support and product management roles with Siemens totaling over 20 years and in addition, having spent many years as independent service providers.


We not only execute OEM mandated procedures,

we apply our extensive experience and attention to detail, adding real world, common sense preventative and corrective activities to our maintenance and service that enhance performance and reliability. 


Altima takes the extra time and effort on each examination to insure that system quality performance and "consumables" consumption is within expected levels, at or above manufacturing specifications.


Altima offers preventive maintenance, service repair,  consultation, remote service support, magnet maintenance, cryogen service, and other related contract services.  Our proactive and comprehensive magnet (coldhead, compressor, and cryogen) solutions help our customers plan in advance based on life expections of major components and discount pricing is available for magnet related parts. 


We're experts in magnet technology and have the tools and expertise to get the most out of your equipment.


Altima services, repairs, and maintains

       Siemens, Philips, and Toshiba

                             CT and MR products ....


We can provide the diversity of expertise  you need to keep your imaging department running smoothly and with superior image quality, and probably at a significant savings ...


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