Altima is a turn-key project management company specializing in  Siemens CT and MRI equipment.


Our installation/deinstallation activities are often conducted within the larger context of providing comprehensive deliveries spanning every element from initial estimates to final acceptance.


We prefer to conduct all aspects of your project effort because we can then effectively manage all of the project variables and elements of relationship that contribute to success, along with providing the opportunity to benchmark original equipment condition. We are available however, to step in at any juncture to provide you with the quality services you require.


When Altima installs or deinstalls your equipment you can expect clear written and photographic documentation, knowledgeable operational and technical recommendations, and a professional and cooperative leadership effort conducted with high regard for your interests.

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If you've conducted CT/MR projects you know that on  many occasions essential items such as phantoms and technical documentation are lost or removed from sites prior to shipping, or equipment is not properly prepared for the inevitable rigors of travel and environmental conditions that will be encountered.


You also know that this creates  expensive challenges on the receiving end and can result in excessive downtime and cost.


In the event that a shipping or rigging provider damages your valuable equipment,  you (and your your insurance provider) will be glad to find that Altima has properly documented the project, increasing the chances that your claim will be satisfied with expedience.


Altima's attention to detail and timely delivery will be the best investment you've ever made!


Our experienced, degreed and industry trained engineers will install your equipment with and eye to providing a complete solution, including the management of your on site contractors, and even assist in the sale and de-installation of your existing equipment.