MRI Imaging Centers

  • When deciding to build a diagnostic imaging center, dozens of considerations come into play.
  • From pinpointing the ideal location of an MRI system to all of the nuances that come with installation, Altima is skilled in this delicate area and we have helped hundreds of physicians, hospitals and imaging center owners launch their services.
  • Aligning with us prior to the buildout is the best way to ensure your machines are optimally aligned to help customers and deliver the highest quality results. If you have questions during the process, or if you are thinking of starting an imaging center, contact Altima today!

Trust Altima for Your Imaging Center

About Our Solutions

Customized MRI Service Plans

Service Solutions

Preventative maintenance is the best way to care for your equipment and your business. By proactively addressing any issues before they become full-blown problems, you put yourself ahead of the game and ensure you won’t need to turn away or reschedule clients. This is the cornerstone of the Altima Triple Advantage – a personalized service plan that suits your specific needs.

24/7 MRI System Monitoring

Project Solutions

In addition to offering customized service plans, Altima also provides an array of project solutions to meet the needs of all types of imaging centers. Whether you are brand new to the imaging industry, or are a seasoned expert in the MRI business, Altima can provide turnkey solutions that take your business to the next level.

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