MRI Project Solutions

In addition to offering customized service plans, Altima also provides an array of project solutions to meet the needs of all types of imaging centers. Whether you are brand new to the imaging industry, or are a seasoned expert in the MRI business, Altima can provide turnkey solutions that take your business to the next level.

If you are seeking a specific solution to your imaging project – no matter the scope – Altima’s deep expertise can provide the needed insight to make it a success. From launching a brand new imaging center to building a quick, mobile solution for clients, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure your project is on time, and on budget.

What does being a trusted partner mean to us? It means we see things through, even after you’re up and running. If you’re buying, transporting, selling or insuring – Altima will make sure you are well informed about performance and reliability expectations post-installation. Please check out our wide array of performance and service solutions. We can expertly perform installs and de-installs, ramp and shim operations, and resolve magnet and cryo issues. We are THE company to call for Siemens TIM system projects, especially when speed, competitive pricing, system knowledge and the rampant availability of tools and skills are the qualities you seek in a provider! 

MRI Imaging Centers

When deciding to build a diagnostic imaging center, dozens of considerations come into play. From pinpointing the ideal location of an MRI machine to all of the nuances that come with installation, Altima is skilled in this delicate area and we have helped hundreds of physicians, hospitals and imaging center owners launch their services. Aligning with us prior to the buildout is the best way to ensure your machines are optimally aligned to help customers and deliver the highest quality results. If you have questions during the process, or if you are thinking of starting an imaging center, contact Altima today!

MRI System Upgrades

The competitive market of MRI means that high-quality images and efficient throughput are necessities in the industry. While it may seem daunting to keep up with the latest standards and accreditations, the good news is that most businesses can upgrade their MRI capabilities without having to replace their entire system. Upgraded components within a system not only equal lower costs and less downtime, but they maximize quality imaging as well. Other times, complete system overhauls are recommended. This is where our expertise can save you time and thousands of dollars. We will conduct a thorough assessment on your equipment, and never recommend a course of action that is unnecessary.
Imaging Centers
MRI Mobile Buildouts

MRI Mobile Buildouts

If you are looking for portable imaging solutions to fit your needs, look no further than the team at Altima! Having a mobile option allows for all the advantages of a large imaging center while bringing services to a wider array of clients. Whether you are looking for a permanent buildout complete with flooring, electric, cabinets etc., or you are looking to have a temporary solution until your future site job is complete, Altima can help you deliver. Mobile solutions are a great option and many of the businesses we help provide needed services to long-term care facilities, assisted living homes, adult care facilities and more.