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High Quality MRI Parts

Altima has amassed an impressive inventory of high-quality OEM replacement parts for Siemens MRI scanners – many of which cannot be found anywhere else! Our extensive inventory includes late-model parts that you don’t have to pay a high premium for.

Every part offered by Altima is tested in-house and warrantied. 

We carry all MRI parts for every Siemens scanner manufactured since the Siemens Symphony. We have a broad selection of Siemens parts and accessories including amplifiers, cold heads, coils, magnet displays, compressors, cables, hardware components, and more. 

When you contact Altima to request a part, you will be connected with an experienced industry technician who can help assess your specific needs. Call today 844-548-4540 or complete the request form and a member of the Altima team will get back to you with part availability and pricing

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