The Altima Triple Advantage

Preventative maintenance is the best way to care for your equipment and your business. By proactively addressing any issues before they become full-blown problems, you put yourself ahead of the game and ensure you won’t need to turn away or reschedule clients. This is the cornerstone of the Altima Triple Advantage – a personalized service plan that suits your specific needs.

Why the Altima Triple Advantage? Because machine uptime is critical to optimal image quality. If your machines aren’t performing well, not only will you have poor image quality, but you’ll need an extended period of downtime to address even larger issues of failure. This means a complete pause in business operations. The Altima Triple Advantage will help you avoid all of that by focusing on three critical components:

Your business is unique – your service plan should be as well. The ability to tailor a plan that is not one-size-fits-all is advantageous in terms of cost savings and efficiency. Our team will work with you to figure out your exact needs and craft a plan to address issues before they arise. Maintenance is the key to eliminate or greatly reduce downtime, and that is our goal! Our convenient scheduling options and preventative maintenance services will ensure you avoid the inconveniences associated with turning away or rescheduling customers.
All too often, businesses only notice an issue when a failure occurs. Noticing problems this late means a complete pause in business operations until a resolution occurs. We remedy this by providing continuous monitoring services of your MRI equipment, which means we spot issues far before they cause a shutdown. Addressing these concerns as they arise equates to less maintenance, reduced costs, and fewer headaches. Altima’s engineers and experts have been trusted leaders in the MRI imaging industry for over 20 years. Our knowledge of these systems is unsurpassed – and it pays to align with expertise!
24/7 MRI System Monitoring
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Texas values. Texas integrity. We are born and bred in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and our stronghold in the community enables us to leverage resources to solve your problems fast! We pride ourselves on being good neighbors, and our leaders have served within local churches and the community for the last two decades. When you contact us, you’re not just calling another vendor. You’re partnering with a local business who is invested in your success. When we help each other, we help our local economy as a whole. What can we accomplish together?