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How a Preventative Healthcare Company Optimized Their Brand-New Imaging Center

With goals of expanding both within the US and globally, a growing preventative healthcare company set their sights on opening a new center in a small suburb outside of Dallas, Texas, known as The Colony. As part of their healthcare center, they needed to install one full-body MRI in their imaging room so they could offer a range of critical services for their members, including early detection for cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. 

The Challenge 

Given that the company is focused on optimizing health and performance, it was important to have an MRI installation and maintenance strategy that would maximize accuracy and provide seamless experiences for their members. Since they were starting construction from scratch, it was also critical to lean on a knowledgeable partner that would be able to deliver the MRI project end-to-end and overcome the hurdles of a start-up. 

Why Altima Diagnostic Imaging Solutions

The stakeholders, having successfully partnered with Altima Diagnostic Imaging Solutions in the past for their flagship Naples location, knew they were the right partner for the job. Led by president and CEO Larry Knight, Altima provides a unique combination of technical knowledge and strategic planning that’s based on years of delivering hands-on field service, technical support, integrated service, and project planning and execution, as well as remote diagnostics for MRI and CT solutions.

With the backing of decades of experience, Altima is able to provide end-to-end consulting services so their clients can maximize uptime and customer satisfaction. They are committed to providing an open line of communication and engaging throughout a project to ensure quality MRI services and preventative maintenance plans. This makes them a great candidate for growing companies because they are willing to proactively collaborate with their clients to optimize imaging center spaces. 

The Approach

In May 2022, the location in The Colony was still an empty office. Focused on optimizing the space and meeting their client’s ambitious vision, the Altima team participated in the entire site planning project. This meant reviewing blueprints and meeting with electricians, plumbers, and contractors across several weeks to figure out where to put the equipment. Throughout the process, the team also worked jointly with a medical equipment provider that was the front-facing contact for the project and for the client. 

Working with various teams, Altima mapped out the timeline to ensure the site was ready for each step of the installation. From there, they pushed forward with a full installation. 

  • Received the MRI purchased and sent by the medical equipment provider
  • Stored the MRI chiller in the room, to be used for properly cooling the machine
  • Placed the MRI magnet in cold storage, with continuous remote monitoring of helium levels and magnet shield temperatures
  • Directed subcontractors to transport and rig in the MRI at The Colony and, using a template, set on ISO center (the magnetic center of the room) to optimize imaging 
  • Left for three weeks so the construction team could finish building out the space
  • Returned to cable up the system, based on the requirements of the imaging room
  • Applied OEM standards for proper ventilation, humidity, temperature control, and sanitization of the room to protect MRI components 
  • Calibrated the machine and conducted test scans to make sure there were no issues with cryogen levels, oxygen, RF power output, temperature fluctuations, internet connectivity, coils, and more
  • Received project sign-off for the MRI installation from the client
  • The center at The Colony opened, with the MRI successfully in use and continuously monitored by the medical equipment provider and Altima 

Together, the medical equipment provider and Altima made sure to consider the details, so there wouldn’t be issues walking around the machine, fitting a gurney in, or completing daily tasks in the center. This meant working diligently to overcome challenges in the space, including running cables over the building’s tall 12-foot ceilings and moving the shielding wall back. It was especially important for the team to investigate, design, and implement proper shielding so they could provide a solid foundation for delivering the best image quality, and to ensure the center wouldn’t have to deal with distorted images down the road. 

Additionally, Altima knew in advance that construction for these types of projects is often delayed, and there would likely be pressure to move through the MRI installation quickly. That’s why they included a dedicated team member for equipment and logistics. With Kris Reed on the job, they were able to successfully organize equipment parts that were states apart and remedy potential challenges with shipping before they became blockers.  

“At Altima, we believe in staying ahead of the game. That’s why we’re so involved in project planning and making sure equipment is properly tracked and managed, so we can provide the precise and efficient service our clients trust us to deliver.” 

– Kris Reed, Parts and Logistics Manager at Altima Diagnostic Imaging Solutions

The Results

In May 2022, The Colony project started as an empty office building. By August, it was transformed into a sophisticated imaging center with a full-body MRI machine. And by November, the center was open to the public. Since then, the company has successfully linked the MRI machine to their AI technology and used it for multiple health services, including full body and brain scans for cancer and neurodegenerative disease detection. As of today, they’ve had no issues with keeping the machine running smoothly, and with 24/7 remote system monitoring that track helium levels, magnet shield temperatures, coldhead performance, compressor status, chiller water temperature, and more, they know Altima will be available immediately should any maintenance be required in the future. 

“It’s always our mission to build lasting relationships based on trust and excellence. We are proud to have successfully completed The Colony project, and we’re looking forward to continuing to support our client’s diagnostic imaging needs as they expand and grow.”

– Larry Knight, President and CEO of Altima Diagnostic Imaging Solutions 

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