Our Services

In addition to providing customized service plans and a host of project solutions, Altima can tackle ANY issue you come across while maintaining, launching or transporting your imaging center. From removing roofs and dropping in massive equipment to providing complete RF shielding solutions for your imaging center, Altima has seen and done it all. But if you happen to need a never-before-attempted solution, Altima would love to design a customized plan of attack – we thrive on being new and innovative, no matter how far-fetched it may seem!

We also carry an extensive variety of Siemens MRI & CT parts on-hand, so be sure to contact us if you are looking for a specific item. In addition, our experience in providing dedicated Oxford magnet services and maintenance has made us the one-stop-shop for ALL service issues within the MRI & CT imaging industry. With our name and reputation behind your imaging center, you can rest easy knowing that your equipment is in the most experienced of hands.

Here are a few of the services we provide:

RF Shielding

Radiofrequency (RF) shielding of MRI machines and imaging equipment is a necessary step in the building process to prevent electromagnetic radiation from distorting the signal and to prevent this radiation produced by the scanner from causing interference in other pieces of equipment.

RF shielding is a process, and it is normally completed by constructing various layers within a room using different pieces of specialized material. Just as you wouldn’t trust your home’s electrical wiring to a novice, you don’t want to trust the RF shielding process to just anybody. Contact Altima for the very best and thorough RF shielding solutions.

RF shielding of MRI machines
MRI Project/Site Planning and Site Inspection

Project/Site Planning and Site Inspection

In this business, machine placement and logistics can’t be an afterthought. Ideally, a dedicated phase of planning should precede the launch of your business. A small mistake in your diagnostic imaging project plan could cost you thousands of dollars down the road when you’ll inevitably have to fix the error.

Altima protects your interests from the beginning by inspecting, benchmarking, planning, and supervising each step of your project. The experts at Altima have planned and launched dozens of imaging centers around the world – put that expertise to work for you!

Cold Storage

Temperature regulation is key when you are doing any type of moving or storage of MRI magnets. Altima has the tools you need to safely store your equipment, and we provide continuous monitoring of key elements like helium levels and magnet shield temperatures. This preventative maintenance monitoring will account for any potential helium loss and/or equipment failure.

Our state-of-the-art facilities can support multiple units, for as little or as long as you need. So whether you are moving, need long-term storage, or are simply changing out your magnet, let Altima take the guesswork out of MRI magnet storage.

MRI Cold Storage
MRI Imaging Installation

Installs, De-installs, Ramp and Shim Operations, Magnet and Cryo Issue Resolution​

Altima conducts a continuous stream of expertly executed installs, de-installs, ramp and shim operations, and magnet and cryo issue resolutions. Our speed, competitive pricing,
unmatched system knowledge, and rampant availability of tools and skills enable us to service equipment both domestically and abroad.

When Altima installs or de-installs your equipment, you can expect transparent documentation, knowledgeable operational and technical recommendations, and a professional and cooperative leadership effort conducted with high regard for your interests. Contact us today to learn what we can do for your business!

Rigging and Transport

Rigging and transporting equipment should be a seamless process – but all too often, costly mistakes are made that greatly extend the budget and/or time requirements. Our experience in overseeing rigging and transport operations over the years enables our customers to have complete trust and peace of mind, and to avoid those unfortunate scenarios. We have worked with a variety of riggers and we are committed to collaborative, communicative relationships with contractors and other personnel.

Altima provides on-site management to ease our customers’ administrative and managerial burdens, in addition to providing the needed expertise to avoid setbacks and delays. Our choreography of all project tasks is the key to meeting our customers’ expectations. Let Altima complete your job on time and on budget!

MRI Rigging and Transport
MRI Turn-Key Projects

Turn-Key Projects

Altima strives to be your turn-key solutions provider for all aspects of your project. Effectively managing all the project variables ensures a successful outcome, along with the ability to benchmark original equipment condition. If we are brought in at a later step, we still aim to deliver the highest quality of services you require.

Whether it’s managing your onsite contractors or assisting in the sale and de-installation of your existing equipment, our experienced, industry-trained engineers have the keen eye necessary to handle your project from conception to completion. Contact Altima today for a project quote!

Onsite or Remote Technical Support

Our goal is to keep your equipment continually up and running while ensuring the very best in image quality to your customers. We can do this by monitoring your equipment 24/7, whether remotely or onsite. Monitoring provides the necessary insight into your equipment, to account for any helium loss, temperature regulation, and/or potential equipment issue.

Before you realize there’s a problem, our team is already on it. With the capabilities of remote monitoring, Altima services equipment all over the country, as well as the world. See what our abilities can do for your business!

MRI Mobile Buildouts