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MRI Coil Repair And Rental

Altima is the experienced leader in coil repair and refurbishing. We even have an MRI coil rental program to keep your system running while you get your coil repaired or replaced.

MRI Coil Repair

A brand new MRI coil will set you back thousands of dollars – let our team assess your situation first. Chances are, your coil can be fixed for a fraction of the price. Plus, we’ll keep downtime to a minimum with our inventory of loaners and impressive turnaround time.

We are ISO certified, and our expert technicians have been in the MRI imaging business for nearly two decades.

MRI Coil Rental

Since coils are considered an accessory they are typically not covered under your OEM warranty, resulting in a substantial, unexpected expense. While you determine the best path – repair or replacement – we can reduce your downtime and revenue loss by providing a rental coil. 

Types of MRI Coils

Whether it is electrical, mechanical, or cosmetic, we service all makes, OEMs, models, designs, and field strengths. We can help you with any of your MRI Coil needs:
    • Gradient Coils
    • Breast Coils
    • Head Coils
    • Neck Coils
    • Spine Coils
    • Shoulder Coils
    • Extremity Coils
    • Specialty Coils

Send a message or call the Altima team today at with your MRI coil repair or rental inquiries.

Request a Coil Repair or Rental:

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