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Remote System Monitoring

Assessing the ongoing performance of your scanner is essential to providing the very best in patient care and optimizing image quality. With Altima’s remote system monitoring solutions, your diagnostic imaging equipment is under our watchful eye 24/7/365, which means we track performance and spot issues far before they ever lead to something catastrophic and costly.

Our remote system monitoring will track, in real-time:

  • Helium Levels
  • Magnet Shield Temperatures
  • Coldhead performance
  • Compressor status
  • Chiller water temperature & flow
  • And more!

Altima’s engineers and experts have been trusted leaders in the MRI & diagnostic imaging industry for over 20 years. With our remote system monitoring, we will immediately be alerted of any red flags that need attention, and our team will be at your service should you need a quick repair/replacement.

Send us the message or contact the Altima team today at  to discuss installing a System Monitoring device on your site!

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