Magnet and Cryo Issue Resolution

Altima’s proactive and comprehensive magnet (cold head, compressor, and cryogen) solutions help our customers plan ahead based on life expectancies of major components. Discount pricing is available for magnet related parts. 

Experts in Magnet Technology

We are experts in magnet technology and have the tools and experience to get the most out of your equipment. Customers are impressed with our wide array of high-quality tools, many of which are NOT found elsewhere, enabling us to solve problems that others have failed to fix! 

Altima’s engineers have been servicing and supporting Siemens MRI and CT equipment longer than most Siemens field engineers. We not only execute OEM mandated procedures, we apply our extensive experience and attention to detail, adding real world, common sense preventative and corrective activities to our maintenance and service that enhance performance and reliability. 

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Quench Recovery

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