MRI Site Planning and Inspections

In this business, MRI/CT placement and logistics can’t be an afterthought. Ideally, a dedicated phase of planning should precede the launch of your business. A small mistake in your diagnostic imaging project plan could cost you thousands of dollars down the road when you’ll inevitably have to fix the error.

Site Planning Process

Altima protects your interests from the beginning to the end of the project including:

    • Inspection
    • Benchmarking
    • Planning
    • Supervision

We provide expert guidance that will promote continuity and avoid costly mistakes from day one of your diagnostic imaging project.

Altima has been helping customers start their projects with accurate information for years, from typical CT floor loading and radiation shielding and the various factors affecting radiation protection to more numerous and far more complex MRI requirements.

Effects of RF Signals and Operational Considerations

In addition to the usual physical requirements, with MRI it is essential to consider the effects of the surrounding structure on magnetic field uniformity and the effect of the magnet’s fringe fields on other devices. The RF signals from the MR installation affect equipment in adjacent facilities and devices worn by patients. 

Other critical operational considerations include space, environmental and power considerations, cooling systems, and proper positioning of equipment to optimize workflow and enhance the patient experience. It’s all a part of Altima’s “siting” services. 

We have planned and launched dozens of imaging centers around the world – put our expertise to work for you.

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