RF Shielding for MRI Rooms

From a construction perspective, terrible shielding and grounding takes just as much time as excellent shielding and grounding. The difference is the amount of care, knowledge, and experience that is applied to the project. The better the shielding, the less problems you will have down the road. 

Just as you wouldn’t trust your home’s electrical wiring to a novice, you don’t want to trust the RF shielding process to just anybody.

Ensuring the Best MRI Image Quality

Altima will devote the proper time and resources to investigate, design, implement, and document proper shielding for your room, ensuring that the foundation of your image quality is built on solid ground. We will document the process to ensure that the integrity of shielding and grounding can be depended on when trouble-shooting any future performance issues that may arise.

Remember, manufacturing drawings take into account the equipment and a generic environment. But it is also critically important to ensure that any site-specific issues are recognized and addressed from day one.

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